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SADE – semiotics + art and design experience

"Semiotics + art and design experience" (SADE) is the theme of this special issue, set to inspire discussion around the mechanisms of semiotics in art and design, look specifically at the interrelations and significance that art, design, and technology have for one another. The acronym of the SI's theme, SADE, is the word for rain in the Finnish language. Rain is symbolic for this thematic issue because it highlights the fluid nature within the symbolically driven practices of art, design, and the cultures of technological development—focusing on the crossfertilization and interdependence (or stream) between the disciplines. Rain may also be considered in terms of the cyclical life of water as a resource. Water, as a basic element, is drawn from and used, evaporated, condensed, collected, and reused. This resonates with the ways in which ideas, principles, and practices surrounding the arts–design relationship are also generated, drawn from, used, transformed, stored, and reused.

Designing Interactive Systems for Work Engagement

Today, experiential aspects are considered when designing ICT based solutions for consumer markets. Surprisingly, however, when interactive solutions and tools for work contexts are being designed, the experiential aspects often are not considered in the design process (Lu & Roto, 2015). Work tools, which are used to accomplish work-related tasks, can contribute to work satisfaction and work engagement, as well as to general well-being on the job. Similarly, interactive technologies and solutions beyond work tools that support well-being at work can facilitate work engagement.

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