Volume 10(2), 2014-11, 95—124

Crises and Social Media: A Metastudy on Pertinent Research and Practice

Irmgard Wetzstein
Department of Communication
University of Vienna, Austria

Verena Grubmüller-Régent
University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Austria

Katharina Götsch
University of Vienna

Karin Rainer
AEI Agency for European Integration and Economic Development
Vienna, Austria

Aiming to structure the academic debate and to demonstrate practical use cases of social media in crisis communication, we present in this metastudy the disciplinary embedment, topical foci, challenges, and research gaps in the literature and application of social media in crisis communication. In particular, our research questions address the characteristics and features of the academic discourse and examine the role of grant givers in steering research foci, as well as the value of research outcomes for crisis communication practice. Therefore, we analyze pertinent academic articles and research projects from the past decade and provide an excursus on the actors and social media communication channels that are used during emergencies and crises. We conclude by highlighting research gaps and practical challenges.

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