Volume 16, Issue 3

Special Issue on Mind, Music and Technology, November 2020, pp. 227–405


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Guest Editors’ Introduction

Music as Embodied Experience

Marc R. Thompson & Jonna K. Vuoskoski


Original Articles

See How It Feels to Move: Relationships Between Movement Characteristics and Perception of Emotions in Dance

Birgitta Burger & Petri Toiviainen


Communicating Through Ancillary Gestures: Exploring Effects on Coperformers and Audiences

Anna Siminoski, Erica Huynh, & Michael Schutz


The Communication of Melancholy, Grief, and Fear in Dance With and Without Music

Lindsay A. Warrenburg, Lindsey Reymore, & Daniel Shanahan


Exploring Relationships Between Effort, Motion, and Sound in New Musical Instruments

Çağrı Erdem, Qichao Lan, & Alexander Refsum Jensenius


Creating Digital Musical Instruments With and for Children: Including Vocal Sketching as a Method for Engaging in Codesign

Kjetil Falkenbert, Hans Lindetorp, Adrian Benigno Latupeirisssa & Emma Frid


Music, Vibrotactile Mediation and Bodily Sensations in Anorexia Nervosa: “It’s Like I Can Really Feel My Heart Beating”

Gabriela Patiño-Lakatos, Hugues Genevois, Benoît Navarret, Irema Barbosa-Magalhaes, Cristina Lindenmeyer, Maurice Corcos & Aurélie Letranchant