Volume 2, Issue 1

Special Issue on Human Technologies for Special Needs. April 2006, pp. 1–153

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From the Editor-in-Chief

The Importance of the Free Flow of Information and Knowledge

Pertti Saariluoma

Guest Editor's Introduction

Technology for Special Needs

José Juan Cañas

Original Articles

User-centered Development of Video telephony for Servicing Mainly Older Users: Review and Evaluation of an Approach Applied for 10 Years

Seppo Väyrynen, Juha Röning, and Ismo Alakärppä

Computer Vision Interaction for People with Severe Movement Restrictions

César Mauri, Toni Granollers, Jesús Lorés, and Mabel García

Assistive Technology and Affective Mediation

Nestor Garay, Idoia Cearreta, Juan Miguel López, and Inmaculada Fajardo

A Lightweight, User-Controlled System for the Home

Lynne Baillie and Raimund Schatz

Enhancing the Usability of Telecare Devices

José Manuel Ojel-Jaramillo and José Juan Cañas

Design of a Virtual Learning Environment for Students with Special Needs

Martin Maguire, Edward Elton, Zaheer Osman, and Colette Nicolle