Volume 2, Issue 2

October 2006, pp. 154–237

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From the Editor in Chief

Looking at the Nature of Ideas Through New Lenses

Pertti Saariluoma

Original Articles

Probing a Proactive Home: Challenges in Researching and Designing Everyday Smart Environments

Frans Mäyrä, Anne Soronen, Ilpo Koskinen, Kristo Kuusela, Jussi Mikkonen, Jukka Vanhala, and Mari Zakrzewski

Evaluations of an Experiential Gaming Model

Kristian Kiili

Creating a Framework for Improving the Learnability of a Complex System

Minttu Linja-aho

An Acceptance Model for Useful and Fun Information Systems

Thomas Chesney

Book Review

Taking ICT to Every Indian Village: Opportunities and Challenges

Atanu Garai & B. Shadrach
Reviewed by Pertti Saariluoma