Volume 9, Issue 1

May 2013, pp. 1–108

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From the Editor in Chief

Evolving Technologies for a Variety of Human Practices

Päivi Häkkinen

Original Articles

Creative Network Communities in the Translocal Space of Digital Networks

Rasa Smite

Telepresence and Sexuality: A Review and a Call to Scholars

Matthew Lombard and Matthew T. Jones

Evidence Against a Correlation Between Ease of Use and Actual Use of a Device in a Walk-in Virtual Environment

Tarja Tiainen, Taina Kaapu, and Asko Ellman

Designing a Multichannel Map Service Concept

Hanna-Marika Halkosaari, L. Tiina Sarjakoski, Salu Ylirisku, and Tapani Sarjakoski

Effects of Positioning Aids on Understanding the Relationship Between a Mobile Map and the Environment

Juho Kässi, Christina M. Krause, Janne Kovanen, and L. Tiina Sarjakoski