Thematic Issues Portfolio

Thematic issues published in Human Technology comprise a vast diversity of fields within human–technology interaction. Proposals on themes for special issues should be directed to for consideration by the journal's editor in chief.

Thematic issues currently in process


Games and Play at the Margins: Between Visibilities and Invisibilities

Guest Editor: Florence Chee

Music, Mind & Technology: Exploring the Embodied Musical Experience

Guest Editors: Marc R. Thompson & Jonna Vuoskoski


Previously published thematic issues

More Years, More Technology: Aging in the Digital Era

Guest Editors: Sakari Taipale & Riitta Hänninen

Designing Interactive Systems for Work Engagement

Guest Editors: Heli Väätäjä, Virpi Roto, Effie Law, & Torkil Clemmensen

SADE: Semiotics + Art and Design Experience

Guest Editor: Rebekah Rousi

Human–Technology Choreographers: Body, Movement, and Space in Expressive Interactions

Guest Editors: Antti Pirhonen, Kai Tuuri, & Cumhur Erkut

Human–Technology Choreographies: Body, Movement, and Space

Guest Editors: Antti Pirhonen, Kai Tuuri, & Cumhur Erkut

Community Resilience in Crises: Technology and Social Media Enablers

Guest Editors: Marita Vos & Helen T. Sullivan

Supporting Urgent Basic Reading Skills in Children

       Guest Editors: Heikki Lyytinen & Ulla Richardson


Guest editor: John M. Carroll

Distributed Leadership & Online Communities

Niki Lambropoulos & Marianna Vivitsou

Creativity and Rationale in Software Design

Guest Editor: John M. Carroll

End of Cognition?

Guest Editor: Phil Turner

Psychology of Programming

Guest Editor: Jorma Sajaniemi

Design-Use Relationships in Sociotechnical Change

Guest Editors: Sampsa Hyysalo, Mikael Johnson, & Eva Heiskanen

Culture, Creativity and Technology

Guest Editors: Mark Blythe, Ann Light, & Shaleph O'Neill

Human Technologies for Special Needs

Guest Editor: José Juan Cañas

ICT and Education

Guest Editor: Marja Kankaanranta