Ongoing Call for Manuscripts for our Open Submissions Issues

Human Technology focuses on the human role in our modern technological world. The journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed research that serves to create a holistic understanding of the human dimension in the information society.

Human Technology aims to explore the issues and challenges surrounding human–technology interaction from various perspectives, and encourages cooperation and collaboration among all scientific fields and between the academic and business worlds. The journal's editors are equally interested in, for instance, diverse social, psychological, educational, cultural, philosophical, personal and industrial viewpoints, and emphasize interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives. Papers published in Human Technology address questions such as: What is the effect of the diversity of ICTs on humans and societies? How do humans and societies affect ICTs? How can these technologies foster development, well-being, and innovation in various aspects of life? and What is the human role in the development of various technologies?

Human Technology places no restrictions on the background or specialization of the submitting authors, provided the papers reflect high scientific standards. In addition to papers submitted through our open call for manuscripts, the editors welcome for publication consideration both invited manuscripts and papers submitted for thematic special issues.

Human Technology emphasizes topics and questions that are current, innovative, thought provoking, and yet practical by nature. The editors encourage discussion and debate on controversial themes, and also welcome manuscripts dealing with difficult topics and those offering critical or provocative viewpoints.

Papers are assessed based on topic suitability, originality, innovativeness, relevance, applicability, adherence to scientific standards and reporting, and cogency of argument. Human Technology is especially committed to publishing research that combines theory and practice. Therefore, regardless of the scientific field, research methodology, or research design, the conclusions of the papers must be practically oriented toward everyday life and its challenges.

In short, the editors of Human Technology seek manuscripts that are

  • Investigating human–technology interaction
  • Interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach
  • Human-centered
  • Innovative and forward-looking
  • Practically oriented

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